3 Eclectic Ways to Wear a French Manicure

The French manicure is like the Marilyn Monroe of press on nails. It popped into existence around the ’90s and has been around in some way, shape, or form ever since. If you check out our take on the French manicure, you’ll perhaps understand that the manicured tips you used to love and adore are now called the “new-gen French manicure.”

Below are some unique twists you can take on this traditional nail art.

1. Straight Lines

This is a rather tame twist on the conventional French mani. Order custom nails with straight instead of smile lines to make the tips stand out. Ensure each fingernail is accentuated by choosing a different colour for each finger.

You can choose these colours randomly, along the colour wheel, or limit your palette to two colours. We recommend a matte topcoat for the tips and shiny nude base colour, but you can also reverse the topcoats to accentuate the tips.

2. Gemmed Smile Lines

The French Twist, Featuring a Classical French Manicure with a Gemmed Smile Line on the Ring Finger

If you want your French mani to retain its classical pink and white outlook, opt instead to enhance them with a gemmed smile line where the pink ends and white tip begins. You don’t even have to place a custom order for these press on nails, as this idea is an existing Digitz by Design product aptly called the French Twist.

Get it in any shape or size, select your topcoat, personalize it for more gemmed smile lines, and wear them anywhere. The upside of wearing this nail set: You can put them on for work, a party, or any other formal, informal, or semi-casual occasion.

3. Two-Toned Tips

The detail on two-toned tips can be subtle or stark, depending on how the final product turns out. This twist on the classical French manicure is inspired by this Salon Magazine update.

The French manicure in the update’s image is a two-toned one with half the tip a lighter blue and the other half a darker shade of blue. We recommend taking this to the next level by choosing different colours for each fingernail.

Order luxury handmade press-on nails online and cut the hard work of nail art short, the perfect way to get beautiful nails without the fuss. Get inspired by our premium nail sets or adopt the above twists on the French manicure. Place a custom order today to get your nails in time for an event.

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