4 Press On Nail Colours for the Winter

Skim through our seasonal nail sets, which comprise some of our most popular creations not only because they are handcrafted by artists who love that they get to make your hands look pretty for a living but also because they sport the colours of a given season.

Since we’re in the middle of yet another arctic winter here in Canada, let’s go over some winter nail colours.

1. Deep Reds

Deep red colours like wine, garnet, merlot, and burgundy are quite the rage around this time of year, not just because it’s Christmastime. The darker shades of red look great on all skin undertones and provide quite an appealing contrast against the stark white background. Stand out in a whiteout with a red-as-it-gets set.

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2. Nude Shades

There are as many, if not more, nude shades as skin tones. They are timeless because your skin is the one thing that can never change with the seasons. Lucky for you, you don’t have to ensure the nude matches your skin tone because we’re talking press on nails.

Thus, virtually any nude nail set will do; they’ll look even better with a single accent nail or some seasonal decorations.

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3. All the Whites

White nails are also an all-seasonal affair, even in a season defined by white. Play around with créme, swan white, sepia, and all the other shades of white against your snowy backdrop. Add some silver to complete the winter wonderland, and voilà! You have the perfect press on nails for the winter and every season thereafter.

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4. Champagne

You thought we were about to say black, didn’t you? Full disclosure: We came pretty close but changed our minds because what’s a winter without alcohol to warm you up? Since we already went for red wine, we thought to change it up with a glass of bubbly; champagne, to be precise.

The golden hues look great on any outfit with gold embellishments and probably match your Christmas decorations. What’s not to like?!

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