4 Reasons Why We Can’t Get Over Kylie Jenner’s Stunning White Press-On Nails

When it comes to trendy, classy and awe-striking fashion trends, Kylie Jenner is always one step ahead. Whether it’s makeup, hair, outfits or nails, she always understands the assignment and over-delivers. Kylie says she loves pretty nails and spends hours getting them done. If you check her Instagram feed or stories, you’ll see her rocking perfectly manicured nails in all of her stories and posts.


Kylie loves experimenting with different designs and lengths, but her obsession with stunning white nails has got everyone’s attention. Like any typical Leo, Kylie loves to be the centre of attention through her strategic style choices. She first rocked the crisp, white manicure at 2018’s VMAs, and ever since, the fashionista has incorporated this colour in her look through nail art.


Here are all the reasons why we still can’t get over her crisp white press-on nails:


Chic and Trendy

Nowadays, people are into effortless, sleek and minimal looks. White nails do the same for your hands; they look clean, simple, and crisp, and instantly elevate any look without requiring intricate nail art.


Unlike other trends that go way overboard, this particular trend of white nails is sophisticated, and chic, and makes the wearer look confident.


Wearable for Everyone

Neutral colours generally are trickier than other shades, and you have to consider various factors like skin tone, undertones, opacity, etc. However, white is one of the safest choices in neutral shades. You can never go wrong with white; it looks flattering on every skin tone and allows you to make a statement without going overboard.


Perfect for All Seasons

While most people consider white as a summer colour, it looks great in all seasons. If you add some pearly shimmer to your usual white manicure, it will look great in winter and the holiday season. You can also experiment with various designs while staying in your comfort zone. For example, Kylie did a deep French manicure for a red-carpet event that looked stunning.

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Celebrity Approved

Besides Kylie, countless other celebrity is wearing a fresh white mani these days. From J-Lo to Hailey Bieber to Shay Mitchel, everyone is jumping on this minimal manicure trend. Even Cardi B, who is known for her extravagant manicures, took a break from her usual dazzling digits and opted for a deep French manicure.


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