5 Different Ways to Wear French Tip Nails this Spring Season

No manicure is quite as timeless and chic as French tip nails. A classic French manicure has a white tip over a nude or pale pink base, with a clear top coat. This manicure is still as relevant as it was in the ‘90s or 2000s. If you see the pictures from the recent spring runway shows, most models rocked perfectly manicured French-tipped nails. You can also get these perfect nails without having to spend a fortune at a nail salon, thanks to our premium press-on nails!

By taking a modern twist on classic French tip nails, we have designed some amazing press on nails you can wear this spring. Keep reading to check out our recommendations.

Perfectly Nude

After French tips, nude nails are the most popular manicure. They are everyone’s go-to as they are low maintenance and complement any outfit. To offer you the best of both worlds, we have designed these Perfectly Nude press-on nails that feature a nude base and pink-nude French tips instead of the classic white. The pastel pink tips will surely put you in the spring mood and brighten up your day. Get yours from here.

Spring Blues

If you’re bored of your usual French manicures and want to experiment this spring season, get your hands on our Spring Blues. This set features pale pink nails and blingy blue French tips with a cool ombre effect. There are two blue accent nails with holographic glitter on top. This eye-catching manicure will undeniably give your overall look an upgrade.

From pool parties to dinners, brunches to concerts, you can rock these nails anywhere you go. Shop here.

Diamonds Are Forever

Go all out this season with our Diamonds Are Forever luxury press-on nails. These nails are not your regular French-tipped nails; they are edgy and extravagant rather than classic and delicate.

The nails have silver glittery French tips accented by champagne crystals to give you a feminine and sparkly manicure. You can wear these nails to parties, date nights, weddings, or any occasion, as they add a versatile style element to your outfit. Get yours here.

New Beginnings

This stunning manicure gives off a romantic vibe while adding glam to your French manicure. Spring is, in fact, the season of new beginnings and a fresh start, and this set perfectly fits the vibe. Our New Beginnings set is a mix of both subtle, feminine design details and extravagance. Two nails feature a classic French tip with tiny gemstones for a modern flair, while two nails have a glittery chrome finish, and the middle nail has 3D-printed daisies with some gemstones. This set was made for this season, and you can rock this with all your spring and summer outfits. Shop here.

French Twist

French tips

If you want the classic French tips but with a subtle flair, get our French Twist press-on nails. These nails feature a nude pink base and a white French tip, but one nail has tiny gemstones to give your manicure a delicate and soft look. You can never go wrong with this manicure— wear it to work, parties, dates, or wherever you want! Click here to shop.


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