6 Expert Tips to Take Care of Your Press On Nails

Press-on nailsmade a massive comeback during the pandemic when people couldn’t go to nail salons. This trend is still going strong thanks to the convenience and affordability of at-home manicures.At Digitz by Design, we offer affordable luxury press on nails for sale that allow people to get instant manicures in the comfort of their homes.

One issue most users face is their press-on nails coming off sooner than they expected. So we have prepared a detailed guide listing press-on nail care tips to help you take good care of them. Keep reading to find out.

Prepare Your Natural Nails Before Applying the Press-On Ones

You need to prep your cuticles before applying press-on nails—this helps the glue bond directly to the nail bed. If there’s skin on your nails, the glue will stick to that instead of your nail bed, and the press-onsmight come out earlier than they should.

Using an orange stick, gently push the cuticles back or use a cuticle removal lotion, buff any dead skin and all the shine off the surface of the nail, and shorten.  This will allow your press-on nails to lay comfortably on your nails and stay put for longer.

Use the Correct Size Nails

When press-on nails are too big, they overlap your natural nails at the sides and become more prone to lifting and coming off. That’s why it’s important to get the right size that fits perfectly and lasts longer. After getting the right size, file down the sides of the press-on nails to match them perfectly with your real nails.

Avoid Exposing Press-On Nails to Harsh Conditions

One of the most crucial press-on nail care tips is to avoid exposing them to harsh conditions like extreme moisture, heat, cleaning chemicals like chlorine and detergents, etc. Exposing your press-ons to such conditions weakens the nail glue, causing them to pop off. You can use gloves when doing chores to protect your nails, hands, and skin.

Get Higher Quality Press-On Nails and Glue

Your press-on nails and the glue should be high quality and durable for maximum hold and longevity of the nails. No matter how well you care for them, they will come off easily if you skip your natural nail prep and your press-ons are of low quality.

Reuse Your Press Ons

Your press on nails are reusable provided you remove them correctly.

Custom press-on nails

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