6 Stunning Outfit Ideas for Your New Black Press-On Nails

Black nails can instantly transform your look, making you look elegant, sophisticated, and bold at the same time. You can easily pair them with any makeup looks, outfits, and various accessories.


If you want your outfit to be as edgy as your all-black press-on nails, check out these outfit ideas below.


Metallic Minidress

Whether it’s a holiday party, date night, or a fun night out with your girlfriends, a classic metallic minidress never disappoints. Metallics are quite trendy right now and can work in all seasons. You can choose from various shades, including silver, gold, copper, or champagne, any metallic will look great with black nails.


You can pair your dress with a black chain bag, sheer black tights, and lots of jewels to have your own bling moment.


Blazer and Bodysuit

You can never go wrong with a black bodysuit and jeans, paired with a black blazer. Oversized blazers have officially in for the season. You can experiment with different neutral colours, including beige, fawn, ivory, gray, etc. They all look great with a black bodysuit and manicure. To give your outfit some oomph, add a sparkly purse, heels, and some gold rings. You will feel comfortable without compromising on style.


Tweed Dresses

If you want a more formal look for tea parties, get a classic black and white tweed dress. You can also add a matching tweed jacket to make your formal dress a bit more fun.  The jacket will add sophistication and elegance to your look and save you from the cold outside!


Silk Cami Tank and Long Trench

There are some days when you don’t have enough time to think of an outfit but still want to look chic. Just wear your favourite silk cami tank with jeans and pair it with a long trench coat, and you’ll look gorgeous. Trench coats are great for winter and can go with any outfit. You can add a tote bag or small purse, depending on where you’re going.


Feather Dress

If you’re done with your minimalist looks, wear a black feather dress to complement your bold black nails. A feather ensemble is fun and chic and gives you that main character vibe. Wear black-strappy heels for an all-black look.


Corset Top

Luxury nails in black and gold

Ever since Bridgerton aired on Netflix, everyone has been obsessed with corsets—and you can wear one in the form of a modern top. Depending on your preference, there are many ways to style a corset top. Pair it with your favourite set of blazers and trousers, wear it over a dress, or just wear it with casual jeans. You can experiment with different colours, such as neon pink, orange, blue, red, etc.; they will all look good with your black manicure.


Now that you know what to wear, it’s time to order a set of luxury press-on nails from Digitz by Design. We have a wide range of black nails that you can customize with nail art, unique shape, stones, etc. We also offer accent nails and instant manicure press on nails Langley. Contact us for details.