7 Gorgeous Press-On Nails for a Date Night with Beau

Going on a special date night with your beau? While you look for the perfect outfit and matching heels, don’t forget to show some love to your nails. Whether you don’t want the hassle of going to a salon or aren’t good at painting your nails, we’ve got you covered. We have gathered some gorgeous press-on nails that are perfect for every outfit, mood, and style.


So if you’re looking for some affordable luxury nails that will have you feeling sexy, flirty, and ready for date night, keep reading.


A Girl’s Best Friend—$35.95-$39.95

If you’re feeling festive and don’t want to go overboard, these silver holographic nails will look perfect. These nails have a subtlelook that will work for date night and other events. They come in a set of buffer, alcohol ape, file, cuticle pusher, and adhesive stickers for an instant manicure session.


The stunning diamond details on the accent nail are just what you need to show off the Christmas spirit without going overboard.


Mystical Unicorn—$28.95

If you’re looking for something simple and elegant, try these Mystical Unicorn press-on nails. They come in gorgeous white iridescent colours. The accent nail has gel rings that resemble a unicorn’s horn—subtle yet stunning.

White press-on nails

All Laced Up—$30.95–$35.95

If you want something bold and eye-catching, All Laced Up is calling your name. They feature a beautiful hot pink shade with stunning corset details, to give your nails a sultry look.You can choose any shape, size, and length according to your preference and surprise your beau with these gorgeous nail art.

Pink press-on nails with a corset design

Hidden Love – $29.95–$33.95

Take your nail game to the next level with the Hidden Love nail set, featuring matte pink and black colour with a subtle heart in a swirl of colour. Perfect for an intimate date night, these nails will complement your overall look.

Matte black and pink press-on nails

Barely Nude—$26.95–$30.95

No matter what season it is, pastel nails always look good. If you want a more low-key nail moment while still looking cute, these Barely Nude nails are perfect. They come in different pastel pink shades and will look lovely with a matte top coat. Due to their subtle colours, you can pair them with any outfit.

Pastel press-on nails

Blushing Beauty —$27.95–$32.95

The Blushing Beauty press-on nails offer the perfect balance of sophisticated and sexy. The soft pink colour with intricate holographic line design paired with pure holographic accent nails will amp up your outfit without going overboard.

Soft pink press-on nails with holographic details

Black Not Red—$28.95–$32.95

Saving the best for the last— what colour screams Date Night better than black and red? These deep red and black nails will add some drama to your outfit. If you want a statement design with cool, unique nail art, Black not Red will be perfect for you.

Black and red nails

If you want to explore more options for instant manicure press on nails Langley for your date night, explore the complete collection at Digitz by Design. Our incredibly talented team of nail technicians creates affordable luxury press-on nails in Canada. Besides our ready-to-order designs, we also offer custom press-on nails. Contact us for details.