A Guide to Find the Best Nail Shape that Complements Your Hands

Whether you’re getting a manicure or experimenting with some luxurious press-on nails at home, it requires you to choose the right shape. Every nail shape gives a different look to your manicure— some shapes make your fingers look more natural, while others make them look longer.

The key to a good manicure is finding the best nail shape that perfectly complements your hands. At Digitz by Design, we offer hand crafted luxury press on nails and are familiar with various shapes. In this guide, we will help you find the right nail shape.

Round Nails

This classic nail shape is versatile and fuss-free, and creates a simple silhouette, making your nails appear more natural. Round-shaped nails have a short length and naturally curved edge that helps create the appearance of longer fingers without having long nails. The subtle curvy edge of this shape elongates wide or short fingers while making wide nail beds look thinner. Round nails look flattering on narrow nail beds too.

This shape is easier to maintain, and its soft appearance works well with any design and color. You can even wear bright and bold nail designs with this shape without the fear of going overboard.

If you have short fingers and wide nail beds, round-shaped nails should be your go-to!

Almond Shaped Nails

Almond-shaped nails have been trending for the past few months, thanks to Hailey Beiber’s viral Glazed Donut manicure. This shape looks soft and feminine and works well with longer nails. It has slim sides with a round tip, creating an elongated appearance.

Almond-shaped nails are versatile and suit different types of hands. If you have short or wide fingers, they will lengthen your nails and make your fingers look slimmer. These nails also look flattering on long nails with thin nail beds. This shape pairs well with nude and neutral colors and glamorous designs.

Square Shaped Nails

If you prefer short, elegant, yet edgy manicures, square-shaped nails are for you. These nails feature straight edges and blunt squared tips, making your fingers look neat. Although these nails look stunning, they don’t complement every hand. If not done right, square nails can make your hands appear shorter as it gives an illusion of a wider nail bed.

Square-shaped nails are perfect for thin hands with slim fingers, giving some dimensions to your digits. Instead of blunt squared-off edges, you can opt for softened corners for a more elegant look. Due to the small size, it’s a low-maintenance nail shape, so you can wear them while working.

square-shaped press-on nails


Oval Shaped Nails

One of the most preferred nail shapes, oval nails are delicate, elegant, and feminine, working well with many hands. They are similar to almond nails but have a blunter edge that forms a semi-circle (egg-like) shape.

Due to their elongating effects, oval-shaped nails look flattering on both wide and short nail beds and fingers. They help your hands look longer and slimmer without needing a seriously long length.

Oval-shaped nails look chic with feminine pastel hues, gemstone details, and soft shimmery polishes.

Squoval Nails

If you want the elegance of oval-shaped nails with an edgy tip, the squoval shape offers the best of both worlds. The word comes from combining square and oval, featuring straight sides and a top with curved corners. The round corner adds softness to the nails, while the straight-edged sides offer more length, creating a sophisticated and appealing look.

Squoval-shaped nails are the most versatile choice that looks flattering on every finger type, from short to long.

Stiletto Nails

Stiletto-shaped press-on nails

if you’re looking for a shape that grabs attention and turns heads, stiletto nails are perfect. One of the most desirable yet bold choices, stiletto nails take inspiration from long, pointed heels. They have tapered elongated shapes with edgy pointed tips, giving a triangular appearance.

Due to their long size, stiletto nails have enough room for creative nail art designs and details. You can get different press-on nails in stiletto shapes and choose a size that you feel the most comfortable in. According to InStyle, this is the year of short stiletto nails. So if you want the drama of these nails without impractically long lengths, get these.

Coffin Shaped Nails

Another great option for those who don’t hesitate to make a bold style statement. Coffin nails, also known as ballerina-shaped nails, are every long-nail lover’s first choice. The silhouette of these nails mimics the shape of a ballerina pointe shoe or a coffin— tapered on the side and squared-off tip.

Coffin-shaped nails work well for those with slim fingers and naturally long and strong nails. However, maintaining a coffin shape on your natural nails can be difficult s so it’s best to get press-on for an effortless look. like a stiletto, coffin nails also offer a lot of space for creative nail art to complement your overall look.

Identifying Your Hand Type

If you’re still unsure which shape would look flattering on your hands, here is a guide to identifying your hand type and the nail shapes that go with it.

Piano Hands

Piano hands have wide palms with long fingers. This hand type is perfect for edgy and dramatic nail shapes like coffin or stiletto nails. Your long fingers and square palm will go well with this shape.

Hi-Five Hands

Hi-five hands have short fingers and long palms. Wearing oval-shaped nails will be a smart choice as they give your fingers some length to complement the long palm.

Generous Hands

If you have long fingers and a long palm, how does it like to feel to be God’s favorite? Having this hand type allows you to rock square-shaped nails. You can choose from small or long lengths and can also experiment with other shapes.

Grounded Hands

Grounded hands feature short fingers and wide palms. The best nail shapes for such hands include round, almond, or oval-shaped nails. These styles add some length to the fingers while looking delicate and sophisticated.

Now that you know everything about nail shapes and sizes, it’s time to order premium press-on nails handmade from Digitz by Design.  Press-ons eliminate the hassle of maintenance or salon appointments, allowing you to be your own nail artist. We also offer custom press-on nails handmade to your requirements. Order designer press on nails now or contact us for details!