About Us

Two Hearts, Two Personalities One Beautiful Product!

Are you tired of boring, low-quality, and easily damaged press on nails? If so, then Digitz By Design can help. We offer beautiful premium custom hand made press on nails that are sure to wow and impress!

We would love to tell you about our Canadian handmade press on nails. 

Our nails are hand created by two certified nail technicians/nail artists. Two hearts, two personalities, and a whole lot of love goes into each and every set!

Digitz By Design


Located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, Digitz by Design started back in early 2020, early in the pandemic. I had just become a certified nail technician and the only thing I wanted to do was make people’s fingers look gorgeous. Not only does it give me a sense of accomplishment but it also allows me to be creative and use my skills in the art.

Angie Wade joined me shortly thereafter. She is another very talented nail artist and brings a whole new vibe to the collection!

Being Certified Nail Technicians/Nails Artists, we bring nothing but top quality, well designed nail sets. We are both very knowledgeable when it comes to nails as our education has taught us everything we need to know to offer the best of service to our customers. Any questions, concerns and/or feedback is welcome.

Only high-end nail products are used, including but not limited to, Akzentz, Apres, Madam Glam, Profiles Backstage, Young Nails and Ugly Duckling and more!

Press ons nails became a part of the salon late in 2020. Another way to explore our creativity. This allowed us to “work” on nails when we weren’t “working on nails”. We love people and even more, making them feel even more beautiful than they already are.

About Us


Whether you love neutral, or bling nails, we have the right design for you! First, we invite you visit our Nail Gallery to discover what design you like or feel inspired by.

Nothing you like in our collection? Customize your own set!

We can adapt existing designs or make a completely new one. Certain information will be required to do so. To get your custom press on nails, please use our online form to start your custom order.

Once we have all that and you approve the price, we can send you a set of 10 hand created nails, maintenance kit, and instructions. With these, you can enjoy your custom press on nails quickly and effortlessly. No 2-hour trip to the salon! An instant manicure in minutes!

We also offer various supplies to ensure you enjoy your custom-made press on nails for as long as possible.