All You Need to Know About Accent Nails and Their Significance in Fashion

Accent nails have rocketed up the list of favourite nail art for amateur and experienced artists. They look cute and are easy to do because you only need to do one—usually the ring finger—or two nails and keep the rest plain and simple. Click here to browse and order accent nails online.

In today’s blog, we’ll briefly discuss the importance of accent nails and talk about accent nails for every finger.

The Importance of Accent Nails

Let’s start with the obvious. Everyone likes accent nails over nail sets because they are cost-effective. You only have to buy two or four nails instead of a set, so it costs much less. These nails are eye-catching, drawing eyes to them and away from any other details from which you might want to drive attention away.

Lastly, we prefer accent nails because they aren’t a lot of work. They must be different from the set; that’s all it takes to create this nail.


A Hand Featuring a Magenta Manicure and a Heavily-Embellished Thumb Accent Nail

Thumbs are the new accent nails, but there was a time (think: Blackberries) they were the end-all-be-all of the category. Women wanted to look good when they went tappity-tap on their bulky phones, and there was no social media around to tell the thumb isn’t as gram-worthy as the rest of your fingers, which is a major downside of the trend.

Index Finger

The index finger isn’t as common for an accent nail as we’d like it to be. It looks bold and eye-catching, especially if you’re in the finger-pointing line of work, say a teacher or trainer. Keep it simple with minimal embellishments, work with multiple colours, and don’t be afraid to try glitter.

Bonus Tip: Wear a press-on nail from a different set as an accent nail.

Middle Finger

The middle finger is often used to make a bold statement. Why not use it to make a bold fashion statement?

Choose this finger to make your manicure perfectly symmetrical with an accent nail that doesn’t have to be too loud to raise attention. If anything, you can make the surrounding fingers loud and heavily embellished and draw attention to the lone, understated nail at the center.

Ring Finger

The fourth finger of your hand is synonymous with the ring finger. However, it’s also synonymous with the accent nail, drawing attention to the rock gracing that finger.

On a lighter note, it may also draw attention to the lack of a ring on one’s finger, signalling their singledom or, at least, the absence of a serious relationship.

Pinky Finger

The pinky is afflicted with the same problem as the thumb. It’s not as easy to strike a natural pose with it on social media. However, you may draw attention to it using a lighter shade against a dark nail set.

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