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a woman with beautiful white press-on nails

3 Easy Ways to Remove Nail Glue from Your Skin

If you’re a press-on aficionado, you may occasionally deal with nail glue on your skin. Fortunately, nail glue is completely safe, so you’re not causing any damage to your skin. However, it can be a little annoying to remove if you use the wrong technique.

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a woman wearing beautiful green fake press-on nails

How to Apply Fake Nails Like a Nail Artist

From Bella Hadid to Rihanna, our favorite celebs are known for rocking one glamorous press-on nail set after the other. In 2022, fake nails are all the rage, and rightfully so! They add the perfect touch of oomph, sophistication, and elegance to your look.

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a woman wearing beautiful custom nude and glittery brown press-on nails

How to Customize a Press-On Set at Digitz By Design

The right set of press-on nails can help you amp up your look without breaking the bank. Affordable, luxurious, and simply stunning, fake nails have been all the rage this year! If you’re a press-on nails aficionado, it’s time to step into the customization territory.

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A Woman Touching her Face with a Hand Featuring Custom Press On Nails in a Cyan Colour

How to Make Your Press On Nails Last Longer

Designer press on nails are this century’s cuticle miracle—they’re a curacle! They’re ready-to-glue sets of polished nails with intricate designs, rhinestones, and other embellishments. Click here to view all.

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