Everything to Know About Reusing Press On Nails

Press on nails have come far from the plastic variety of the ’50s and the hot pink one from the ’80s, which is also when the product started to gain momentum. Today, single-use press ons have been largely replaced by their reusable alternatives.

Get yours at Digitz by Design, and keep the following things about reusing press on nails in mind.

Can You Reuse Press On Nails? Yes and No

Reusing press on nails by companies that openly promote the practice is better than buying an affordable nail set only to find out they are single-use and don’t last long on your nail beds.

With proper care, precautions, nail glue, and removal techniques, your press on nails can be intact enough for a second application.

Care Tips for Press On Nails

In addition to going the extra mile, avoid treating your press ons to any TikTok hacks because

  1. a) we doubt they work with all nails and
  2. b) they mostly apply to natural nails.

Look after your nails while applying, wearing, and removing them.

· Moisturize Your Cuticles

Keeping the area around your nails clean is critical for a solid foundation. Keep the dryness at bay by moisturizing your cuticles.

· Wear Gloves

Wear gloves when doing something that may damage—but not necessarily dislodge—your nails, such as doing the dishes, gardening, touching cleaning supplies, and so on.

· Be Gentle

Be gentle with your press on nails and avoid subjecting them to anything too strenuous, such as opening a can, maintaining a tight grip on something, or clenching your fists.

· Reapply the Glue

If one of your press on nails looks or feels like it’s coming off its bed, you should reapply some of our Akzentz Nail Glue underneath and press it back down instead of letting it be, as that could damage the nail.

Woman Soaking Both Hands with Press On Nails in Warm Water

Removal Tips for Reusing Press On Nails

While our press on nails are designed for long-lasting use and secondary applications, they could also use some work, caution, and patience on your end, especially while removing them after the first application.

· Soak in Warm Water

For this removal technique, ensure the water remains warm for at least 20 minutes. Soak your fingers in the water until you feel them loosening up. Gently dislodge the nails, clean them with soap, and store them in a cool and dry place until their second application.

· Use Cuticle Oil

If your nails have started coming off around the edges, it’s time to remove them with cuticle oil, which benefits your natural nails and keeps your press on nails intact. Place some cuticle oil in the openings and keep doing it in the widening gap until the nails come off. The process requires a lot of patience, but it certainly pays off.

Follow the above care tips and precautions during application and removal, and you’ll be reusing every press on nail set from this point on. Buy seasonal nail sets Vancouver or order accent nails online Surrey, British Columbia, the province Digitz by Design calls home.

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