Exploring the Benefits of the Criminally Underrated Pressies

While designer press on nails have started (re)trending, they aren’t getting as much clout as they should. Since our salon started selling handmade press on nails in 2020, more people have popped in to buy nail sets instead of getting their nails done. More on that story here.

In the meantime, let’s discuss why you, too, should join the ranks of women embracing pressies.


Pressies Are Easier to Maintain

Maintaining a natural manicure or paint job takes care, time, and effort. Plus, once ruined, you can do nothing about them. Off they go, taking all the money and time invested in their care with them.

Press on nails don’t quite require the same level of care. They come in various shapes, sizes, and designs and can survive multiple applications. Their price label may take you aback at first, but you’ll realize they’re good value for money when you don’t have to rush to a salon or give yourself a replacement manicure.


Pressies Make Quick Work Of Your Nail Prep

A regular nail appointment lasts an hour or more. It requires commitment before, during, and after application, with all the touch-ups, second coats, and fills.

Conversely, designer press on nails take minimum prep and less time to apply and guarantee flawless results. You don’t have to travel for an application or wait for your appointment to roll around. With these nails, you spend no more than 15–30 minutes on prep and application.

A Hand Featuring Gray, Silver, and White Press on Nails Clutching a Knit Material

Pressies Give You Instant Length

What do you do when you have to be somewhere on short notice, but your nails are bitten to the quick? You turn to press on nails. Keep your natural nails short and even, and glue a set of equally even-sized pressies on top.

Whether you prefer a classic square design or want to apply those modern coffin nails that are all the rage these days, you can match your nails with your style, the occasion, or the clothing you’re wearing at a moment’s notice.


Pressies Are Healthier

Press on nails reduce your chances of catching an infection from possibly contaminated salon supplies. You apply them at home with your supplies, which is considerably safer. Additionally, if you want to reduce the risk posed by drying lights, you can’t do better than press on nails.

On a practical note, painstakingly applying various chemical formulas on your nails for a specific design doesn’t do them any favours. You’re better off getting the luxury salon look with our hand crafted luxury press on nails Canada. Buy the items on our shelves and personalize them for style and embellishments.

If there’s a specific style you want, view our premium press on nail catalogue for inspiration and order custom nails.

Reach out for any questions and comments regarding our collection.