How to Avoid Getting Your Hair Stuck Under Press On Nails

Those who wear press on nails can’t help but love them, and why not? You don’t have to worry about “colouring between the lines.” All you have to do is ensure they hold fast to your nail beds; that’s where things can get a little hairy.

Order Canada luxury press on nails with a side of nail glue today. Don’t forget to follow these tips to prevent your hair from getting caught under the nails.

Use Glue Sparingly

Akzentz Nail Glue is our go-to whenever press on nails threaten to come off the nail bed. We always recommend keeping one in your handbag and medicine cabinet to press back on before the unattached bit takes the whole nail with it.

However, additional glue tacked on the ends might cause friction between your hair and the sides or undersides of your nails. A little goes a long way, especially on second applications. Dip that brush twice (at most) to avoid overapplying the glue and causing the hair to get caught under the nails and ruin the nail art.

If the press on nails are well past their due date, take them off and replace them with a fresh set instead of reattaching them with more glue.

Clean Your Cuticles

Stray or overgrown cuticles might also result in hair getting stuck under your natural and press on nails. We recommend cleaning out those cuticles before attaching the press ons: If they remain long, you won’t get a complete attachment, leaving a gap large enough for your hair to get stuck into.

Avoid cutting your cuticles too short and follow these steps to clean them before applying the press on nails:

  • Buff the dead layer off the top of your natural nail bed.
  • Make a habit of soaking your cuticles in warm and soap-filled water for about 10 minutes at least three times per week.
  • Apply moisturizer to your cuticles daily.
  • Keep them short and trimmed at all times.

Keep the cuticles short and moisturized, and your hair will naturally glide through those fresh press ons.

A Manicurist Trimming a Client’s Cuticles Before Applying Press On Nails

Stop it Before it Happens

Prevention is always better than treating the problem when it arises. Follow these precautionary steps to avoid the hair caught under nails nightmare:

  • Buy press on nailsthat fit your nail profile.
  • Prevent lifting by refraining from filing the nails.
  • Avoid biting your press on nailsor unconsciously picking on them.
  • Avoid polishing to keep your nails healthy and ready for the next application.

Ready for Your Next Purchase?

As mentioned, it’s okay, even advised, to start over with a fresh pair than to put up with the friction between your hair and nails. Ensure a silky-smooth dynamic between the two by ordering hand crafted luxury press on nails Canada at Digitz by Design. We have been doing them at our salon long before going online and know exactly how to avoid exposing the glue.

Go ahead and order affordable luxury custom nails. Contact us for queries and feedback.