How to Get Lana Del Rey’s Fiery, Fierce, and Feisty Red Nails

With her classic throwback aesthetic and melancholic songs, it’s hard not to love Lana Del Rey and her songs. With a decade of chart-topping hits, great fame, and homemade music videos, the singer reigns over everyone’s heart. Besides her amazing music, Lana is known for her unique style which is the perfect combination of sultry, glamorous and retro-chic. From old Hollywood glam to goth to California casual, she has done it all and looked stunning in every single look.


In all these looks, one thing that has remained constant is the colour red. Whether it’s her luscious locks, lips or nails, Lana Del Ray manages to sneak in the colour red in every look. If you want to channel your inner Lana, you’ll love these fiery and hot press-on nails we’ve got for you!


Cherry Pop

Cherry Pop features a bright pink-red colour with a fun pop art design to give them a comic-book-inspired style. Pop art nails have become a massive trend in the past few months, taking over the internet.


You can customize these nails into a deeper red colour and choose your preferred topcoat in matte or glossy finish. We personally love this style in glossy finish because it elevates the 3D look of the design.


Cherry Bliss

The Cherry Bliss set has sparkly red nails with stunning accent nails for ring fingers. These nails feature a translucent colour with subtle hints of shimmer, perfect for both day and night time looks. We’ve added multidimensional heart stickers to the accent nails to give this set some oomph! You can flaunt these nails on Christmas or wear them to a dinner date; they will look stunning with any outfit.


You can get these nails in any length and shape and personalize them in any way you like.

Red shiny nails

Bloody Vixen

Lana Del Rey has many personas and one of them is a gothic princess. She nails the dark glamour look like no other, and these nails perfectly complement this unique style.


They are from our latest Halloween collection, featuring fierce designs, just like Lana! If you don’t shy away from bold nails and want to grab attention, Bloody Vixen press-on nails are perfect for you.

Deep red and black press-on nails

Black Not Red

If you want nail art with more depth, get this Black not Red set. It features matte black nails with a red foil design and two black and red accent nails.

Black and red nails

Custom Design

We also offer custom press on nails at Digitz by Design. From the iconic Born to Die manicure to her signature red nails, our designers and technicians will create any design you love tailored to your specific instructions.


All our nail sets come with an instant manicure kit that contains a buffer, cuticle pusher, file alcohol wipe, and adhesive stickers. You can use these tools to apply your press-on nails with ease. Our company is based in Vancouver, Canada, but we ship all over Canada and USA. Explore our complete range of luxury hand made press on nails Alberta, or contact us for details.