How to Maintain Your Manicure While Having an Active Lifestyle

You may not be new to working out but working out with press-on nails might be a novel and, at times, unheard-of concept outside the Kardashian clan’s Instagram pages.

Is a workout possible with press-on nails? Yes. Is it a learning process? Also, yes.

The first step is to get the strongest handmade press on nails at Digitz by Design, and the rest should follow naturally.

(Not Too) Long Custom Press-on Nails

Hitting those weights at the gym requires a lot of strength. Longnails can bump against each other when you wrap your hands around a weight or dumbbell. All to say, it’s important to be realistic about the length of your press-on nails, starting with choosing them specifically for a workout.

If you don’t have much experience lifting weights with long natural nails, you may not succeed with long custom press-on nails. Keep them short or medium-long to be safe and have a comfortable workout.

Be Careful with the Shape

Press-on nails come in many shapes and sizes. However, workoutpress-on nails limit your choice of shape, which can be good when the possibilities are endless, but getting them all is a distant possibility at best.

Consider the possibility of injury when working out, and avoid anything with pointy edges and ends. Prioritize rounded nails when selecting your workout nail sets. Try the almond shape for starters and evolve naturally to square-tipped edges once you get the hang of them.

Digitz by Design’s Midnight Desire in a Medium-sized Almond Shape

Carry Nail Glue Just in Case

Buy Akzentz Nail Glue if you haven’t done so already because you could use all the help you can get to make your press-on nails stick out a workout session or two. While your nails will most likely stay on your beds by the end of your workout, take the nail glue to the gym if you experience a pop-off.

That way, you can apply a little glue when the nail starts detaching from the nail bed instead of going without it for the entire workout.

Workout with Strong Press-on Nails

Returning to our earlier point, working out with strong nails is imperative. If your natural claws aren’t cut out for the job, might we suggest press-on nails? They are strong and resilient against almost anything, or at least that’s the case with the premium press-on nails handmade at our store.

Select from our Grab N’ Go Sets when in a hurry, or wait for your custom press on nails and tools to arrive in the mail. We now do deliveries across all parts of Canada and the US.

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