How to Make Press On Nails Look Like the Real Thing

Designer press on nails are an instant DIY solution when you can’t visit our salon in British Columbia. As long as you have the right tools, use the right techniques, and know how to prep your natural nails, you can make your press on treatment look like the real thing.


Step 1: Buy a set of our handcrafted luxury press on nails.


Step 2: Read the following guide to set those press ons into your nail beds like they were made for them!


Go for the Right Size

Switch Step 1 for Step 2, and you still have time to choose the right size. The first step to making press ons look real comes when you buy them. Your first time could be your last time if your new nails look too small for your nail beds or so large that you’ll have to shelf them until next Halloween.


Here’s a handy tip: Always play it safe by choosing a size slightly bigger than your nail beds. Your press ons should encompass your nail beds and sit snug on the edges.


In most cases, press on nails are classified using a number system whose standard may vary by brand, so you should buy our Nail Sizing Kit instead of assuming our nails will follow your existing sizing guide.

A Sizing Kit Featuring Press On Nails in Different Colours


Go for the Right Shape

Picking a nail shape that suits your hands is as important as selecting shoes that go with your outfit. Like shoe shapes, not all nail shapes are universally suitable for all nail beds. For instance, if you have wide nail beds, our square- or round-shaped nails would look perfect on your fingers.


Conversely, long and narrow nails fare better with our stiletto shapes. Your chances of making press ons look real are high if you follow the grain of your existing nail beds.


Use High-Quality Glue

Nail glue is one area where you don’t want to save money. Low-cost adhesives may save you some cents, but they don’t last long, resulting in unwelcome pop-offs. Nothing looks more unreal than a nail that comes off at the slightest pressure, such as while you’re shaking hands with someone, typing a message on your phone, or grabbing a door handle.


Invest in a 15ml bottle of Akzentz Nail Glue, an adhesive that claims to help your nails withstand all sorts of abuse, only coming off when you want it to.


Select Nude Colours

You can also make your press on nails look real by opting for our nude colours. Select a pastel colour in the Barely Nude set, or choose to go Perfectly Nude by mimicking the colour of your nail beds.


Visit our online store for affordable luxury press on nails for sale. We might be based in British Columbia, but we accept orders from all parts of North America.


Get in touch for more information on making your press ons look real.