How to Make Your Press On Nails Last Longer

Designer press on nails are this century’s cuticle miracle—they’re a curacle! They’re ready-to-glue sets of polished nails with intricate designs, rhinestones, and other embellishments. Click here to view all.

Too many pop-offs? We know how you can make them stick and keep them that way for a while.


Push Back Your Cuticles

Pushing back your cuticles instead of cutting them prevents them from regrowing thicker and bigger. We recommend this practice during prep to make your nail beds the right size for the press on nails.

Cuticles are the little bits of clear skin at the bottom of your fingernails and toenails. They’re often uneven; pushing back evens them out. You must be careful not to glue your pressies on the cuticle to prevent uneven adhesion and manage long-lasting use.


Remove Oil from the Nails

Nails get oily, too, which is fine in normal circumstances. However, this oil will affect the adhesive holding your press ons together. Therefore, you should gently buff your nails after pushing back your cuticles to get all the oil off your nail plates.

Keep gently buffing until you have a relatively rough-looking nail plate. While not ideal on any other day, rough nail plates get the maximum out of nail glue.

A Woman Sitting in Bed in Front of a Laptop and Buffing Her Nails

Clear the Debris

Buffing your nails leaves quite a mess, but even if you’ve skipped the buffing step, your nails will likely have some nail polish, leftover glue, and other debris. Remove any of those pollutants with their respective removers. We do not recommend you wash your hands with soap and water after buffing.  Doing so will just add more buildup to your nails.  Use an alcohol wipe to clean your nails.

When you’re done, you should:

  • Pat your nails with a towel until they’re completely dry.
  • Take some rubbing alcohol to your nails to remove oils (again).
  • Wait for the alcohol to evaporate.
  • Apply your brand-new handmade press on nails.


Choose Nail Glue Wisely

All the prep in the world is of no use unless you invest in a decent nail glue. We recommend Akzentz Nail Glue for no reason other than it can make your nails last longer than a week despite all kinds of abuse.

Even if you’re not using our pressies *grr*, we recommend using Akzentz Nail Glue instead of the nail glue often included with these nail sets. Take it from those who make and glue press on nails: Akzentz will strengthen the bond between your press ons and natural nails. It’s water-resistant, affordable, and worth every dollar.


Starting Today: Only Hand-crafted Luxury Press On Nails from Langley

Another way to make your press on nails last longer is to get them the right shape and size for your nails. Select your size off each product page or order affordable luxury custom nails at just the right size and design for your nail beds. Extend the life of your press ons by getting the right fit.

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