How to Remove Nail Polish Without Acetone

Removing nail polish isn’t half as difficult as painting your nails flawlessly. Biased as we are, we’d recommend buying press on nails to save yourself the time and effort it takes to not only paint your nails but also remove the polish afterward, and that too with acetone.

The Crimes of Acetone Against Fingernails

Don’t get us wrong; our body produces acetone in trace measures during metabolism. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the substance has a dedicated page on Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety.

This is because acetone is a highly flammable substance that removes stuff stronger than nail paint. While the health problems associated with acetone don’t apply much to conventional nail polish removers, you might experience dryness and cracked skin on and around your nails.

Maintain the health of your fingernails by removing nail polish with the following alternatives.

Alcohol-based Substances

Alcohol-based substances, such as hand sanitizer, cologne, or simple rubbing alcohol, make great nail polish removers. Apply a bit of the substance on what you normally use to remove nail paint and rub gently until the paint comes off.

Keep in mind that scented alcohol-based substances can be strong in large quantities. It’s best to have rubbing alcohol at home and use sanitizers and perfumes only when you absolutely must.

White Vinegar Solution

A white vinegar solution is a highly effective and gentle method to remove nail polish. Mix equal amounts of white vinegar and orange or lemon juice, and your nail paint remover is ready to roll.

Soak cotton balls or wipes in the solution, hold one on the painted fingernail for no longer than 10 seconds, and then wipe in one direction while maintaining contact with the fingernail.

An Artist at a Nail Salon Inspecting the Fingernails of a Faceless Person Anything Soy

Anything Soy

Anything that contains soy can alternate as a nail polish remover. However, it might take 45 seconds or more for the nail paint to soften, depending on the soy concentration in the substance, so only go for this method if you have time to spare.

You can always stick to handmade press on nails if you have sensitive skin and don’t want to go through the trouble of acquiring the above alternatives. They’re easy to apply, as long as you have the Akzentz Nail Glue, and they require minimal prep. Buy seasonal nail sets or custom nails and have them delivered anywhere in North America.

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