How to Remove Press-on Nails Safely— A Detailed Guide

For many wearers of press-on nails, their natural nails only get to see the light of day when they are at home. Selecting a decent set is important, but so is knowing how to remove it without damaging what’s underneath.

Lucky for you, removing press-on nails safely is more about aftercare than precaution.  Your press on nail set is reuseable provided you remove them correctly.

Nail Glue: The Only Precaution You Need

Nail glue is the only precaution one needs to take before removing press-on nails. It can be difficult to tell which nail glue gets the balance between gentle and abrasive right. If your nail glue is too heavy-duty, it might cause nail damage during removal. Conversely, if it’s too gentle, your press-on nails might not last the day.

However, if it’s anything like Akzentz Nail Glue, the nails will stay on your nail beds and come off without damaging or affecting the shine of your natural nails.

Soak Your Fingertips in Acetone

We know dipping your fingertips in acetone sounds toxic, but trust the process and our nail salon’s experience. Acetone is harmless, especially because it won’t even come in contact with your natural nails; you’ll only expose your press-on nails to the solution.

Pour as much acetone or nail polish remover inside a bowl as your longest press-on nail. Dip your fingers and keep them there for about 30 minutes. You can also rub a thumb across the fingers to accelerate the process. Once the nails feel loose enough, take them out and pull—never yank—until they fall out.

A Maintenance Kit for Press-on Nails with a Nail Buffer, Glue, Cuticle Pusher, and Other Tools


Nail Buffer: An Extra Measure

A nail buffer is normally used to shine, smooth, or restore the shape of natural or press-on nails. However, you may use it for removing press-on nails that didn’t come off despite dipping in the acetone solution and pulling.

Be gentle when buffing the nails. Nudge, as you did with your bare hands instead of ripping them off or taking a nail filer to them. While the chances of damaging your natural nails are low, you don’t want to take any chances.

Highly Recommended: Press-on Maintenance Kit

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