Nail Designs to Try According to Your Zodiac Sign

If you’re fascinated with astrology and stars, it’s time to dress up your nails accordingly. With the convenience and accessibility of luxury press on nails, you can experiment with different looks that match your personality. In this guide, we discussed different nail designs according to your zodiac sign. Keep reading.

Aries – Impulsive and Adventurous

The first sign of the zodiac family, Aries, is full of surprises and a force of nature. Confident, energetic, adventurous, and impulsive are some adjectives that define your personality. You don’t feel the need to follow trends; you’re self-assured and prefer something out of the box instead of blending in.

Neon colors will perfectly match your eclectic personality, and instead of going with one color, wear a different, bright neon shade on each nail. Choose a dramatic length and shape like stiletto or coffin nails to make a style statement. Another way to wear a quirky color mix is by adding them to your French manicure and ditching the boring white.

Taurus – Practical and Classy

Green press-on nails

Bulls are known for their unshakeable, grounded, and rational personalities. As a Taurus, you’re loving, romantic, and pragmatist, all at the same time. You love luxurious things in life but also want comfort. Similarly, for nail design, you want something that’s both practical and classy and perfectly complements your playful, charming, and reliable personality.

You should opt for pastel hues with sparkly details. Pair a bold accent nail to add some luxury to your manicure. Nail art with crystals and jewels will also work well with a powerful color like green or maroon.

Gemini – Versatile and Vibrant

Geminis aren’t the ones who play by the rules and are always up for something fun and lively. They are playful, quick-witted, curious, and expressive.

As a Gemini, your fashion style is multi-faceted and versatile, and you love planning your looks according to your mood. Yellow is the color that perfectly matches your personality, and it pairs well with various nail designs, shapes, and sizes. You can also choose some interesting, bold patterns that go well with your vibrant aura.

Cancer – Fierce and Artistic

Creative, generous, nurturing, and intuitive— cancers are thoughtful soft feminine types. Your ability to churn beauty out of the mundane gives you a lot of room to try different nail designs according to your artistic instincts. Your fashion taste is refined and classic, but you also like a little bit of funky sometimes.

As one of the most creative zodiac signs, warm colors, gemstones, and gold specks will work great for your nail designs. You radiate tenderness and fierceness at the same time, so your power colors are reds and soft pinks.

Leo – Strong, Faithful, and Warm

Leos need no introduction— they’re the superstars of the zodiac family who love attention and all things glory. Your confidence and generosity make you the center of attention wherever you go. When it comes to your fashion style, it’s extravagant, dramatic, and statement-making. You don’t shy away from challenges and want your nails to help you be seen and feel like the regal and fierce being you are.

Considering these traits, your ideal nail design will include bold colors, eccentric designs, metal polishes, and lots of gold. Your power color is gold.

Virgo – The Perfectionist

A person with nude press-on nails

As the perfectionist of the zodiac signs, Virgo is analytical, efficient, organized, and classic. Whether it’s work, relationships, or fashion, you seek perfection in everything in life. People rely on you to do things as competently as possible, and your practicality impresses everyone.

Your ideal nail design will include something immaculately neat, beautiful, and chic. Muted colors, matte finishes, and an accent nail will work great for your personality. You can also opt for a classic French manicure with well-defined nail shapes like a square or stiletto.

Libra – Charming and Kind

Libras are romantic, soft, and charming and love keeping harmony and balance in everything in life, be it relationships or outfits. Another trait of your lovely personality is indecisiveness which can prevent you from finding the right nail design. But don’t forget that charm is your innate quality, and you can pull off almost anything. You want something extravagant yet classic.

Your perfect nail design includes soft feminine pastel colors or bold colors like reds or blues. Shapes like almond and oval will perfectly complement your kind personality. Don’t forget to add some shine and sparkles to add a touch of luxury.

Scorpio – Sexy and Mysterious

Scorpio is the sexy, passionate, and mysterious lady of the zodiac family. Your intense personality isn’t something that everyone can handle but it shouldn’t stop you from being you. You don’t mind exploring your dark side—thanks to your sense of curiosity.

The ideal manicure that suits your mysterious and eccentric personality includes deep dark shades like black, plum, maroon, gray, or navy blue, and some sharp nail art. You can also add some dramatic glitter and shimmer to your nails to grab everyone’s attention. Bold lengths, designs, and hues will match your level of intensity.

Sagittarius–Free-Spirited and Quirky

Colorful nails

Your enthusiasm and ability to find positivity in everything are commendable. Sagittarius people are optimistic, extroverted, idealists, and adventurers. You bring good vibes wherever you go with your humor and wit.

Unleash your adventurous, wild, and passionate soul with some animal-printed nail designs. You can also choose a colorful graphic design that perfectly goes with your lively and bold personality.

Capricorn – Practical and Hardworking

Capricorns are known for their hardworking and passionate souls. You love going above and beyond in your career and are diligent in everything in life. Your calculated and meticulous personality will love nail designs with neutral shades and sophisticated design elements. You want something that’s more practical and wearable, be it a board meeting or a night out. Colors like browns, grays, and mauve will go great with your aesthetic.


Aquarius people are dazzling, fierce, and independent and are not afraid of getting what they want. Their non-traditional and fearless personality allows them to experiment with their style.

As an aquarian, your nail art will be unconventional, fun, eccentric, and unique. It includes eye-catching details, marine hues, and soft shapes.

Pisces – Mystical and Compassionate

The empaths of the cosmos, Pisces are known for their kindness, compassion, and mystical abilities. As a water sign, you know how to use your emotions and intuitiveness to make wise decisions. On the other hand, your artistic abilities allow you to add sensuality, harmony, and beauty to everything you do, including fashion.

Your ideal nail design includes art, lavender hues, pearls, precious gems, and other enchanting details.

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