Nail Hygiene: 3 Steps to Effectively Cleaning Your Fingernails

Dirty nails don’t just look worse for wear; they’re also detrimental to your health. While it’s possible to hide your real claws underneath press on nails, you can’t wear them forever, no matter how natural they might look.

Below are all the steps for effectively cleaning your fingernails.

1. Replace Your Nail Brush Regularly

Most of our patrons own a nail brush because they’ve been told how important it is to clean underneath your nails, especially if they’re press ons. It keeps the nails intact and in place and dislodges the most deep-set and hard-to-reach grime from underneath your nails.

Appropriate nail hygiene is one of the most important parts of maintaining healthy nails, so keep your nails neatly trimmed. If you have longer nails, buy a nail scrub and roll it back and forth under your nails upward until you’ve removed the dirt. Use warm water and soap to soften the dirt and clean the scrub afterward. Replace it after every three months to prevent contamination.

2. Go “Bare-Nailed” for a Change

A Hand with a Red-painted Pinky and Three Unpainted Fingernails

Let your nails breathe after every week or two by not painting or applying handmade press on nails. It keeps your natural nail beds strong and healthy.

Start by cleaning your fingernails. In this context, cleaning means removing any nail polish on your nails and applying a nail strengthener at least once a day to prevent broken, chipped, or cracked nails.

3. Go for a Nail Bath

Just like your body needs a long soak to feel cleaner, your nails—not hands—could use a bath to appear cleaner. Make a warm water and soap or warm water and handwash solution and dip your hand up to your last fingernail for 15 minutes, tops. Avoid dipping your entire hand, as it could lead to dry skin.

If your nails aren’t cleaner after the nail bath, do it again the next day with a teaspoon of baking soda. The baker’s ingredient softens hardened dirt from your nails, skin, and hair.

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