Nail Sizing

About Nail Sizing

Did you know one of the most important steps in getting your nails done is determining the right size for your nails?

Nail sizing is an essential step that needs to be taken before indulging in a nail set.

This is why at Digitz By Design, we bring you a high-quality nail sizing kit.

You can rely on our amazing nail sizing kit to find out the length and shape of each of your nails.

Once you have our nail sizing kit, you will get a highly-coveted nail set that fits you perfectly. This will also ensure that none of the nails you get is too long, big, or small.

You will get all your nails in the shape of your choice, and you can try them at home to see if they fit you. The nail should fit perfectly into the sidewalls of the nail bed (where the skin meets the nail).

Ready to indulge in absolutely stunning press-ons this spring?

Reach out to us to place your orders for our excellent nail sizing kit today.

Why Its So Important

Measuring your nails is a very important “first” step to purchasing and wearing press on nails.  We want our press ons to look and feel as natural as possible. An improper fit can cause lifting, poor adhesion and an un-natural over all look. So, what do we do?  Read on.

SIZING KIT (recommended)

Consider purchasing a nail sizing kit kit from our shop.  Also available for toe press ons.  This is the most efficient and accurate way to measure your nail beds.  Start by choosing your favorite shape and you wll then be sent a full set of 10 nails in that shape fo try on each of your dainty digitz.  Our kits come with very explicit and easy to follow instructions so their is no room for error.  

Get the Perfect-Sized Nails For You!

We know how important it is to get customized nails. Without the right nail size, your press-on nails could look fake and not have the same kind of visual impact as well-fitted nails.  This kit is also available for Toe Press ons.

This is why we have created this premium-quality nail sizing kit for you.

With our nail sizing kit, you won’t ever have to worry about getting the wrong-sized nails again.

Our nail sizing kit includes one of each nail size (00 to 9) in various shapes and sizes so you can choose your pick. Once you’ve found the perfect match for each nail on both hands, you can also determine if standard nail sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) are the right fit for you.

If the preset nail sizes don’t match your actual nail size, don’t worry! You can always enter your custom nail size to get just what you need.



So you are feeling brave and confident!  Good on you!  Let’s do this!  These instructions are just what you need to achieve that beautiful natural looking nail.  Still need help?  Watch a video tutorial.

Nail Press On Shapes

Watch a Nail Sizing Tutorial

This video will show you how to properly size your nailbeds for press ons. The first half is fitting with a “sizing kit”. The second half (starts at 2:41) is the DIY tape method.  A big thank you to Artistry Nails for their hard work making this video.