Product Spotlight: Let’s Talk About Accent Nails

An accent nail stands out because it’s the only nail out of a five-nail set that looks different from all the others. Take a peep at our accent nails online, and feel free to apply them on any nail other than the ring finger.

It might sound limiting to have only one nail to work with but take it from Digitz by Design; it’s anything but.

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Accent Nails 101

So, what are accent nails at their very basic? We already know they interrupt a staid pattern with something completely different. They might do this with colour, design, or pattern.

However, pulling it off through contrast alone is more complex than you might think. The end product should be different, yet cohesive and harmonize with the other four nails.

Moreover, you can also have two accent nails on the one hand, as long as you’re alternating the fingers. For instance, accentuating the thumb and pinky finger but never the thumb and index finger.

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Basic Accent Nails

Inspire your next accent nail(s) with the following ideas:

  • Colour Contrast: Accentuate your press on nailwith a different shade along the same side of the colour wheel. For instance, customize a navy-blue accent nail for a set of robin’s egg blue nails.
  • Pattern Contrast: Common patterns for accent nailsinclude polka dots, snowflakes (for this time of year!), and stripes.
  • Floral Contrast: Accentuate your press on nailwith some flora: roses, daisies, and even leaves.
  • Animal Print: Popular animal prints include leopard spots, tiger stripes, and zebra prints.
  • Pastel Contrast: Contrast nails with loud colours or patterns with a pastel or nude accent nail, ideally during the spring and summer.
  • 3D Embellishments: Keep your accent nailthe same colour and pattern as all the other nails and make it look different with 3D embellishments, such as gems, stones, and crystals.
  • Abstract Art: You’ve already seen abstract art in art galleries and exhibits. How about bringing it to your nails? Adapt a real-life abstract painting to your next accent nail. They might be tough to pull off, but the result looks exquisite.

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Four Pink Nails with a Pink Glitter Accent Nail on the Ring Finger

Accent Nails for Special Occasions

You can try the cookie-cutter designs described above or customize them for the occasion. Coordinate designs with your friends for a birthday bash, a getaway, or a bachelorette party. You could all wear the same designs, change the design while staying on brand, or wear the same/different accent nail on the same finger.

Order accent nails online Surrey at Digitz by Design when you fancy a change at work. You can also buy custom nails for sale if you want a particular design for special occasions, such as weddings, team building exercises, or holidays.

Get in touch to inquire about your handmade press on nails in Canada.