Akzentz Nail Glue 15 ml bottle


Make sure your press ons hang in there, come what may, with the Akzentz Nail Glue, available only through licensed salons like Digitz by Design.

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Every nail needs a press on, and every press on needs glue. Chuck your old nail glue and your preconceived notions about nail glue in the bin because we have just the thing for you.

Introducing: Akzentz Nail Glue, an adhesive that guarantees your impressive press ons grip the surface they’re on within 30-60 seconds, stay there for 2+ weeks, depending on your natural nail prep, and come off with the right tools on hand. We may change the bottle to keep our shipping rates down, but you’ll never get less than 15ml of this odourless adhesive.

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Shape length

Almond – Natural Medium, Coffin – Natural Long, Coffin – Natural Medium, Coffin – Natural Short (Active), Coffin – Sculpted Medium, Coffin – Sculpted Long, Round – Natural Medium, Round – Natural Short, Square – Natural Long, Square – Natural Medium, Square – Natural Short (Active), Square – Natural XXL, Square – Sculpted XL, Stiletto – Natural Long, Stiletto – Natural Medium, Stiletto – Natural Short, Stiletto – Sculpted Long, Stiletto – Sculpted Medium, Stiletto – Sculpted XL


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