Grab n’ Go – Galactic Beauty


If you’re aiming for big and bold, let us tell you there’s absolutely nothing inconspicuous about these cat-eyed press ons.

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The Grab N’ Go Galactic Beauty nails are painted in a blue and purple cosmic pattern over a background as black as outer space. If you want long and shiny nails without going to the trouble of growing out your nails, filing them into shape, and going through the requisite nail art, add Galactic Beauty to your cart.

These kits are already packed and ready to be shipped to your doorstep. If you’re a size large (0,4,3,5,7) from thumb to pinky or know someone who might be that size, these heavenly heavyweights are for you/them. Remember: You can always personalize the product for size. Treat yourself to these flashy press ons—we know you want to!


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