Shape of the Week: Coffin Nails

The unfortunate connotation aside, coffin nails are quite lit in their own right. They start wide like stiletto nails, à la Cardi B, but taper into flatter, albeit narrower tips. Pop culture has helped many Digitz by Design patrons rediscover their love for these press on nails and given others some serious FOMO.

Let’s discuss these nails in more detail and explain why you don’t want to miss out on them.

Coffin Nails: Almost Exclusively Press On Nails

Like their stiletto counterparts, coffin nails are longer than most natural nails and can never grow without serious nail care. Their dimensions require a strength that may only come from the strictest nail hygiene, not to mention loads of nail hardener. These are the main reasons most women go for handmade press on nails instead of getting their nails filed into a coffin shape.

First Rule of Coffin Nails: Keep it Simple

A Woman Touching Her Face with a Hand, Featuring Long Coffin Nails with a Single Accent Nail

Most coffin nails don’t have too much going on, as the point is to highlight the shape, not the colours, designs, and other accoutrements. Therefore, most women prefer these press on nails in neutral colours.

Some go for brighter colours but don’t extend the colour palette to more than two or three shades. On that note, below are some style suggestions that always look good on coffin nails.

· Matte and Dewy (Or Vice Versa)

A matte and dewy combination may work wonders for your coffin nails. You can have a simple matte backdrop with a glossy foreground. Conversely, use matte to foreground a dewy background.

· Neutrals with Single Embellishments

Paint your custom press on nails in neutral colours like white, black, nude, and beige and add a tinge of glamour to the otherwise plain expanse with a single stone on each fingernail. You can also make one an accent nail by using a different colour or more embellishments.

· Valentine’s Day Special

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you could paint your coffin nails a combination of red and pink, black and gold, burgundy, maroon, etc.

Steal some inspiration from our Valentine’s Day seasonal sets or grab a coffin nail set without going through the trouble of customizing your handmade press on nails; that’s not to say you can’t place a custom order to bring your idea to life.

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