Use This Guide to Get Saweetie’s Bombshell Blue Fake Nails

Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper, also known as Saweetie, is a well-known rapper, content queen and fashion icon. Whether it’s award shows or fashion weeks, she manages to grab everyone’s attention with her unique style.


The Bay-Area rapper’s Instagram and Twitter are full of viral moments, from slaying in her outfits to coming up with catchphrases like Icy Girl. Another thing that made headlines are her extravagant bombshell blue nails.


She was recently seen wearing two different manicures on her hands and they looked gorgeous. These nails made their debut on her Instagram stories. One set had a cobalt blue polish, while the other had a lighter sky blue colour. Many of her followers were impressed by how effortlessly she combined two stunning manicures and rocked them together.


If you’re looking for something similar, here are some of our press-on nails inspired by Saweetie’s most viral manicure.


Dreaming of Beaches

Are you dreaming of sand and beaches on a winter day? Get these ocean-inspired beautiful blue press-on nails. The set features two shades of blue and has cool nail art on the tips. We have added some shimmery beads on each nail to add some more bling.


You can customize them to look like Saweetie’s signature ultra-long Stiletto nails.


Astoria Grande

Astoria Grande has the same bombshell-blue vibes as Saweetie’s mani. These press-on nails feature a stunning stained glass design that will look breathtaking on your hands.


Our nail technicians have used jelly polish to create a semi-transparent look. You can add some gemstones or sparkles to make these nails bling-y or customize the colours.


If you’re into feminine, chic, and soft looks, this Aloha nail set will be perfect for you. They feature a unique negative space design, different than anything you’ve ever worn. We have incorporated different shades of blue and white to create a dreamy look.

Aurora Wave

Love neutral nails but also want some blue? Get these Aurora Wave press-on nails. The set features matte nude-pink nails along with turquoise accent nails. The accent nails are inspired by mermaids and have an iridescent sheen to them.

Blue Rodeo

Blue Rodeo features a sparkly blue shade, perfect for nights out. They have a pearlized sky blue polish with the accent nail in a darker shade. These nails look subtle but will grab everyone’s attention with their lustrous sheen. You can add gemstones and other design features to these nails if you want.

Custom Press-On Nails

If you’re obsessed with Saweetie’s manicures and want the same nails, let us customize them for you! Her nails had a beautiful cobalt, royal blue colour in an hourglass shape. They were topped with two tear-drop-shaped rhinestones. The other hand had the same design but in a different colour. With our customization option, you have complete freedom to choose the colour, design, shape, etc.


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