At Digitz By Design, we’re all about creating art that adds life to your nails and overall style. Our incredibly talented and experienced team of nail technicians are passionate about what they do. Each set of handcrafted luxury press on nails we create is our masterpiece—which we are more than happy to share with a customer equally passionate about nail art.

Nail art requires attention to detail, precision and creativity, but more than anything; it requires patience and dedication. We create our handmade press-on nail sets with our heart and soul, making them worthy enough to be worn by you to express yourself in a way you deem fit.


Digitz By Design is an all-inclusive brand, and we strive to ensure we can offer something for everyone. From our affordable luxury press-on nails for sale to the different designs and styles we offer, we aim to completely cater to an audience with an interest in nail art or who enjoy giving their nails a unique and infamous look.

From designer press-on nails that catch everyone’s attention to accent nails that help you make a subtle but memorable statement, we have stunning press-on nails for all tastes and occasions. We also offer seasonal nail sets and customized options if you’d like something more eccentric or something a bit more you.


You can order our luxury, handmade press-on nails, which are easy to use, personalized for your nail shape and size, and come with all the essentials you need for a perfect manicure in the comfort of your home.

Whether in the USA or Canada, you can order our luxury press on nails; we deliver everywhere from British Columbia to the far east coast of Canada and the USA!

What’s New?

Find the perfect style to show off your unique and beautiful aesthetic to the world!

Winters Calling

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$ 30.95

Say’s Who?

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$ 30.95

Oh Christmas Tree

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$ 28.95

About Digitz By Design

Based out of beautiful British Columbia, Canada, our team of certified nail technicians are passionate about providing you with the highest quality hand crafted luxury press on nails available on the market today.  Our mission is to enable others to be there own kind of beautiful by creating beauty, one digit at a time.

We currently ship to Canada and the USA.

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Less maintenance, less money (affordable), the convenience of switching out with outfits. You should receive up to two weeks or more with your set. We do suggest buying a good glue that you can keep to put them on.

From start to finish is 3-5 business days.

The stones that are in our designs are high-quality rhinestones and some are glass. We do not use plastic. None of our designs are created using Swarovski crystals for good reason but they are available at an extra cost. Contact us for pricing information.


Be sure to tell us which design you are interested in. Should you decide to use these crystals instead of the default ones, contact us and we will be able to give you a quote with swarovski crystals and send you an invoice for the gem addition. Place your order as normal and be sure to mention in the Personalization field that you are upgrading your stones to swarovski.

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