Bling Press On Nails

Bling Press On Nails

Get Your Bling on with Press On Luxury Nails Hand Made in Canada



Press on nails come in many shapes, lengths, sizes, and pre made designs or custom create your own!  They range from basic to bling. Digitz by Design offers press on luxury nails on both extremes and in between. Let’s talk about bling press on nails, shall we? What you hear is what you get with these pressies. In other words, as much bling as you desire through rhinestones or go high end by ordering Swarovski crystals and other shiny embellishments.


Order bling press on luxury nails in Canada for the following reasons:


Do Your Own Nails

Digitz by Design is nothing if not accommodating. You don’t have to visit the salon to get your nails done. Just buy these press ons and some long-lasting glue, press them on your natural nails, and you have your bling sorted out!


Start Small or Go Big!

Our certified nail technicians have worked tirelessly to provide individuals from all walks of life with bling press on luxury nails. You can start small with pressies like Champagne Chic if you’re more of a Bare Necessities gal. It also means you can go to the nth degree with your bling level by purchasing our Accent Nail – Bling!


Personalization Option

In case you’ve jumped right to this part of our salon, you might be unaware that each of our press on luxury nails comes with a personalization option; bling press ons are no exception. Go to the relevant product page and fill in the blank under personalization with your personal effects. We can make these small tweaks to the product, tweaking the price as we go along. In the end, you’ll have your very own set of nails.


A Chance to Visit Our Nail Gallery!

Digitz by Design invites you to look around its nail gallery, especially if you’re planning to place a custom order for fully bespoke bling press on luxury nails. Visit our gallery for bling inspiration, fill out the form, and approve the estimate for a custom set containing:


  • 10 handmade nails
  • Maintenance kit
  • User instructions

Order bling press on nails from British Columbia to make your nails shine.


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