The stones that are in our designs are high-quality rhinestones and some are glass. We do not use plastic. None of our designs are created using Swarovski crystals for good reason but they are available at an extra cost. Contact us for pricing information.

Be sure to tell us which design you are interested in. Should you decide to use these crystals instead of the default ones, contact us and we will be able to give you a quote with swarovski crystals and send you an invoice for the gem addition. Place your order as normal and be sure to mention in the Personalization field that you are upgrading your stones to swarovski.

Our nail sets are packaged with much love and care. They are triple wrapped using foam and tissue. The package itself is small but very cute which we will wrap in the appropriate paper of our choosing with a dainty ribbon around it.

We will attach a small card to the package as well. We will need the name of the receiver and any special message you would like to add.

For the most part, yes. There will be slight changes depending on the shape of the press-on and the size/length you choose. For instance, most of the mock sets are designed on coffin long which allows for a lot of real estate for the design. Shorter nails have less real estate for the creation therefore, adjustments may be required to allow a cosmetically pleasing look that still has the look of the original design ordered.

We do reserve the right to make any needed changes to guarantee the aesthetics of the design. Also, due to the fact that the nails are custom, not every detail will be exactly as shown in the picture but will be very close.

Less maintenance, less money (affordable), the convenience of switching out with outfits. You should receive up to two weeks or more with your set. We do suggest buying a good glue that you can keep to put them on.

Every order comes with a set of 10 nails, a maintenance kit consisting of 1 alcohol wipe, 1 file, 1 buffer, 1 sheet of adhesives, cuticle pusher and nail glue. The free nail glue we provide is just a simple glue (nothing fancy), a starter glue if you will. We do sell professional nail glue on our site should wish to upgrade. We do suggest buying a better professional glue if you plan to continue to wear press on nails. You will also receive instructions on how to adhere your new press-ons as well as remove them.

There will be press-on sets that have 95% of what you are looking for but there is a small change you may want as in colour, with or without gems etc. Should you want to change anything on the design, mention the change in the personalization section of the order.

If you are adding to an existing design, there may be an extra cost to the change. For example, if you are adding gems to a design that does not have gems. Contact us for a quote and we will invoice you separately for the added cost. Again, mention any wanted changes in the personalization field of your order.

Natural is better for a more flatter, wider nailbed. Sculpted are best for people who have curved, rounded nailbeds. People with normal, flatter and wider nailbeds have the choice of using Natural or the Sculpted press-ons.

Sculpted will give the higher apex and deeper c-curve, acrylic look. If you have very curved or rounded nail beds you will want to use the sculpted as opposed to the Natural.

For a more in depth description of the two see this video.


Custom Orders

First…complete the information in the custom order form with your idea and details of what you would like us to design. Its always best to have a picture handy that you can send to us. Otherwise, a hand drawing of what you are looking for (you don’t have to be an artist…just a rough sketch.

Once we receive your request, we will price out the set, notify you and if you are happy with the pricing, we will send you an invoice.
The base price of a Custom Sets is the cost of our Back to Basics- One Color price which ranges from 23.95-27.95 dependent on the Shape/Length you are choosing. We then add another $20 to this price for time.

So your the base price for any custom set will be $43.95 to $47.95. Any embellishments (decals, gems, foil, glitter, spider gel, stamps etc. that is required to make the design will be added to the cost.

Again, we will provide you with a quote of the total cost for the set before hand but now you know the minimum it will cost to have something designed by us.

Shipping & Exchanges

From start to finish is 3-5 business days.

Yes, we accept cancellations up to 12 hours after purchase. After that, the order has been started and no cancellations will be accepted.

Due to hygiene as well as being a “custom” product, we do not accept returns of any kind.

If you have not received your item in the mail and its past the approximate delivery time given then please contact us.

We will replace the “lost” set but only if you had upgraded your shipping. Standard shipping is regular letter mail. No tracking and no insurance.

This is why we strongly urge all our customers to upgrade their shipping to avoid any possible theft/loss or even damage to the product. Upgrading not only ensures you get it, but you get it in a timely manner as well. Once the product leaves our premises, it is out of our hands but we do ask you contact us with any concerns.


About Nail Sizing

Measuring your nails is a very important step to purchasing and wearing press-ons.
There are several ways to do this.
Consider purchasing a sizing kit from our shop. This is the most accurate way measure your fingers. Purchase the shape you are interest in and you will receive one of each size, at which point you can try them on your finger. You will fit them to your fingers and to determine if the size is a fit the sides of the press on will match the sidewalls of your nail bed (where the skin meets the nail.
You will write down the numbers on the included “sizing card” starting from your thumb to your pinky as this is how you specify your custom size in the order form.

DIY Using Tools From Home:

This process is a bit tedious but it is doable. Follow the directions to get started on using your own tools at home:

Watch a Video

This video will show you how to do properly size your fingers for press ons (with thanks to Gisel’s Nail Bar).
Play Video
Play Video