Instant Manicure Nails

Instant Manicure Nails

Your Instant Manicure All the Way from Langley, British Columbia

You might be too young to remember that press on nails are just another trend that was all the rage back in the day and has now made a comeback, thankfully with better glue this time. Yesteryear’s press on nail wearers would either go to extreme measures (beyond nail glue) to make their gel nails stick or resign themselves to a fate of embarrassing pop-offs in the middle of the day.

Contemporary press on nails are better than anything you’d have seen back in the day. They come with stronger nail glue options and are stronger than their predecessors, period. If you’re testing the waters, you might want to start with our instant manicure press on nails from Langley.

Wear a pretend manicure when you have an important day ahead and your cuticles are bitten to the point of being unsalvageable. Look professional, from fingernails to toes, by equipping the former with our in-stock or custom-made instant manicure pressies and matching the latter for colour.

Digitz by Design is a nail salon first and a nail shop second. The well-being of your nails will always be our topmost priority. Although there are many gentle types of glue on the market, you might want to apply your instant manicure press on nails in the following order:

  • Apply the included nail glue sparingly to both your natural and and the pressies.
  • Tack each press on nailon the right fingernail and hold firmly for a minimum of 60 seconds to allow for a good adhesion.
  • After the press on nailshave served their purpose, soak your hands in warm soapy water or oil to the adhesive to make the nails come off easier.
  • Once you’ve removed the pressies, put them away for another day.

Do you want the nail salon treatment without visiting a nail salon? Visit our nail gallery to explore instant manicure press on nails. Match the shape of one nail set with the other’s colour, or develop a new set of press on nails in Langley. Shop off our online shelves or place a custom order for your instant manicure in Canada.

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