A Girls Best Friend


The glittery and glossy coat of silver on these press-ons has an impactful effect that will pair perfectly with any outfit you plan on wearing for the day.

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Whether you’re planning to spend this holiday season with the girls or with your family, it’s important to make a statement with a bold outfit and an ethereal mani that complements the look.

This is why we bring you one of the funkiest press-on nails of the season – A Girl’s Best Friend.

Polished with a holographic silver hue, these glamorous press-ons emit a sleek swathe of shine for the ultimate fierce look. Apart from the holo silver chrome, these beauties are embellished with tiny jewels that have enough shine to light up a room.

Place an order for these diamond-adorned press-on nails today for a hassle-free manicure that will make you sparkle.

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