Grab n’ Go – Purple Haze


The Purple Haze press-on nails evoke a Euphoria-inspired cool-girl feel due to their elegant lavender tone and reflective silver nature that gives it a unique extraterrestrial appeal.

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Skip the processing times!  If you’re searching for a simple way to achieve the gilded glamour aesthetic, we have the perfect iridescent nails for you.

These eclectic press-ons have an immediate transformative effect due to their stunning iridescent detail that will give your manicure a holographic quality. These awe-inspiring press-ons will save you from the hassle of making a nail appointment.

Lean into the futuristic aesthetic with these cool and opulent purple-hued talons today.

Please note:  These nails are ready to ship and already sized.

Shape:  Square-Natural Long
Size:  X-Small (3,6,5,7,9)

This set is available to purchase in any size.  Look for Purple Haze in our product catalogue.


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