Wear a Kaleidoscope of colour from top to bottom, from nail to nail. Indulge in the pure eye candy that is this set, with three nails featuring five glitter patches and two doing everything with nothing at all.

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Do you like playing around with alternating patterns? Then you’ll love the Kaleidoscope: a press on nail set, with the thumb, middle, and pinky finger featuring glitter patches and the pointer and ring fingers setting themselves apart with a solid black matte finish.

You can also personalize the set:

  • Make it glittery all the way through
  • Flip the equation on its head by replacing the glitter with matte and matte with glitter.
  • Alternate different fingers with the glitter/matte.

Or you could make it shine with an extra topcoat. Whatever you need to make your Kaleidoscope is right here.

Additional information

Shape length

Almond – Natural Medium, Coffin – Natural Long, Coffin – Natural Medium, Coffin – Natural Short (Active), Coffin – Sculpted Medium, Coffin – Sculpted Long, Coffin-Tapered Sculpted X-Long, Round – Natural Medium, Round – Natural Short, Square – Natural Long, Square – Natural Medium, Square – Natural Short (Active), Square – Natural XXL, Square – Sculpted XL, Square – Natural X Short, Stiletto – Natural Long, Stiletto – Natural Medium, Stiletto – Natural Short, Stiletto – Sculpted Long, Stiletto – Sculpted Medium, Stiletto – Sculpted XL, Stiletto – Natural XL


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