All I Want for Valentine’s Day: 3 Seasonal Nail Sets

Most Valentine’s Day nail sets are either kiss prints or over-embellished monstrosities—there is no in-between. Digitz by Design is here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way. Behold our Valentine’s Day press on nails!

If you want to buy all but can’t, keep reading because we’re about to make the choosing game a whole lot easier.

1. Be Mine

The Be Mine Nail Set by Digitz by Design

No one does ombre nails quite the same. Their flexibility can be alluring when you want your nails to push the envelope or not resemble any nail sets out there. Be Mine is our twist on ombre nails.

Each nail starts with a light pink polish that transitions to white. So far, so simple, but that’s not all. We then sprinkle some gold sparkle to accentuate the colours and paint the word “love” from the middle through the ring finger to give it those Valentine’s Day sparks. Lastly, a heart where the “o” should reside hammers it home.

2. Cherry Bliss

A Hand Sporting a Stiletto-shaped Long Cherry Bliss Nail Set

If you love Valentine’s Day as much as our nail artists do, don’t hesitate to flaunt it with the unabashedly loud Cherry Bliss nails. They are red, sometimes dark pink, and look slightly translucent, but their hue is not why they’ll draw the eyes on St. Valentine’s.

The nail set contains an accent nail with encased sparkly hearts in neon colours to stand out from their dark cherry base. Choose your topcoat and personalize the accent nail on a finger of your choice. You can also pay extra for more than one accent nail!

3. Hidden Love

Hidden love is complicated and messy, which is why the Hidden Love set at Digitz by Design is anything but straightforward. It features two nails painted black, and two nails painted light pink. Both nails have the same colour but two different topcoats—matte and shiny.

The real kicker is the single accent nail, which features a swirl pattern of whites, blacks, and pinks with a shiny topcoat and a black matte heart in the foreground for all the goth lovers!

Hidden Love Nail Set by Digitz by Design


More Valentine’s Day Nail Sets Where These Came from at Digitz by Design

Pinks and reds are the signature colours of Valentine’s Day, but there’s no reason not to commemorate it with other colours. If you can make the Purple Hearts connection with Passion, you can also make the silver hearts connection with Truly Madly Deeply.

A Set of Truly Madly Deeply


Order affordable luxury custom nails, and mark Valentine’s Day with a color(s) of your choice, the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your celebration. Grab inspiration from our premium press on nails before it’s too late!

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