How to Remove Contacts with Long Press On Nails

Long press on nails are chef’s kiss, as your hands look great when making the gesture, but they make certain everyday things twice as hard. Let our Akzentz Nail Glue ease the ordeal of opening boxes, getting into a car, and using the restroom.

Below is a guide to removing contacts with long nails, a uniquely difficult task.

Why is it Difficult to Remove Contacts with Long Custom Press On Nails?

You risk damaging your contacts by removing them with long nails, especially those pointy stiletto-shaped ones. Press on nails are more like contacts than you think. You can be conscious of their presence one second and forget that you’re wearing them the next.


As a result, you might reach for your lenses the way you do with shorter nails and end up with its painful consequences. Accidentally poking a lens is bad enough. Imagine accidentally scratching your cornea with your nails.

This might even cause vision problems in the short or long run, so exercising care when removing contacts with these nails should always be your top priority.

Stick to the Pinching Method

Most professionals recommend the pinching method, as in using your finger pads instead of your nails to remove your contacts because it’s the safe way out regardless of the length and shape of your fingernails.

Before starting, stand in a well-lit room over a light-coloured surface so you can see the lens if it flies out of your eyes or hands during removal. While most people hold the lens between two index fingers, you could try using any combination if you involve your fingers and not your nails.

Pinch the lens towards the center of the coloured part of your eye but not so much that you fold the lens in half. Preventing the two corners from touching should be as much of a priority as preventing contact between your press on nails and the lens.

Roll it Down to the Lower Lid

Push the contact lens down to your lower lid with the tip of one finger. Once it reaches the lid, roll it over the lid and in your waiting finger or hand. It’s just that easy. Like the pinching method, keep the lens as flat as possible and prevent any contact with your press on nails.

Use Soft Tweezers

Using soft tweezers is the easiest way to remove contacts with long nails. You might have seen makeup influencers use this tool on YouTube videos. It works like a regular tweezer but has soft tips to avoid damaging the lenses. Get a pair of these tweezers, and you’ll never have to remove your contacts with your press ons.

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